Brunch in Cobb? Go after 12:30


Chicken and the Egg, Marietta, GA

Chicken and the Egg, Marietta, GA

Why can’t I remember that brunch on Sundays doesn’t really start until after 12:30pm in Cobb County?  I let my hunger get the best of me, and off we went to The Chicken and The Egg in Marietta.  Before I even looked at the menu, I asked for a bloody mary.   “Not until 12:30, I’m so sorry.”

UGH.  I considered leaving, but like I said, I was too hungry.  So we ordered breakfast.  Yes, “breakfast”, not to be confused with “brunch” which always, in my opinion, includes a bloody mary or mimosa.  Can I get an “AMEN”?   For what it’s worth, I am on the hunt for all the good restaurants in my area, and I tell ya..  it ain’t easy.  I live OTP (Outside The Perimeter of Atlanta) and it’s harder to find good chef-driven restaurants waaaaaaaay out here in what many snobby Atlantans consider an unworthy map location.  That doesn’t stop me from hunting and sharing.









We started off our breakfast with a Black-eyed Pea Hummus and Tapenade.   Both were delicious and probably the highlight of our meal.  I love most anything served in these little jars, and this hummus did not disappoint.   Paired with the tapenade, it was a great mixture of earthy tangy-ness.









Olivia ordered the pretty Belgian waffle, sprinkled with powdered sugar, of course.  Her biggest complaint was that there was not nearly enough powdered sugar.  Is there ever?









Neil ordered an omelette with tomatoes and onions.  He wasn’t very happy with his order.  How can an omelette not be good?  When it is dripping in butter, apparently.   He was also not a fan of the andouille sausage, but I thought it was fine.  They make it there in house.  He did rave, however, on the Logan Mill grits that he ordered as a side.  Mine also came with them, and I agree, they were fantastic.  I’m a fan of my own grits, but I love to sample others’.  It kind of reminded me of sausage gravy, oddly enough, roux-like in consistency.









I ordered a standard breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown casserole and a biscuit.  I should have ordered something more elaborate, and probably would have had I ordered under the influence of my bloody mary.  Stupid blue laws.  Anyway, the best part of my breakfast was the biscuit.









All in all, this was not our best trip to the Chicken and the Egg, but we certainly could have ordered better.   We will continue to go and try new things, because we’ve had good meals there, and I love that they are a “farm to table”, chef-driven restaurant in my area.  I love supporting good food and good places that try to stand out from the rest, and I certainly appreciate Chef Marc Taft giving it a go OTP!



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