Pho Real, Yo! Com Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill is Fantastic

Pho has quickly become my 2nd favorite soup after my homemade chicken soup, and would be my number one if it wasn’t for the fact that I delicately craft my chicken soup from scratch, and I’m admittedly partial.

It's not Pho without this


The pho at Com Dunwoody is my favorite.  Their broth is perfect, in my opinion, using just the right amount of star anise, but also not being overly rich.  Being overly-rich sometimes indicates the chef used broth cubes instead of cooking down their broth with quality meat and bone.  The soup herbal ingredients that arrive to the table prior to the soup are always fresh and crisp.  They do not skimp on sprouts, basil or cilantro, and provide just enough jalapenos and limes.  They also serve hoison and Srirachi on the side, but their broth doesn’t need it.



Deeelish!We always have lunch at Com, because my husband’s office is not far from there.  The lunch combo that I always get includes a freshly wrapped spring roll with fixings of your choice.  The pork is one of my favorites, cooked crispy before rolled.  Com is known for their French-Vietnamese cuisine, and they do it well.  Their com and bahn dishes draw a crowd.    Lovely jasmine rice or rice vermicelli is topped with greens/salad and peanuts, with a variety of delectable grilled meats to choose from.  You really can’t go wrong.  It’s definitely worth the trip just OTP to Dunwoody to try this fantastic family-owned place!

Oh, did I mention that two identical lunch combos and a pot of hot jasmine tea set us back just $25.  Gotta love that!

Co'm Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill

Co’m Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill



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